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The best place for active rest

Pure nature

interesting sights to visit

We will take you to the places veiled in mystery of myths and legends. There you might find silence, peace and breathtaking views where others will discover here great conditions for winter and summer sports.

Great sights

interesting sights to visit

Discover with us charm of picturesque scenery nature and get closer to the beauty of the worth-seeing places and their interesting histories. We invite you to join the trip from which you will keep fabulous memories and breathtaking photos for the rest of your life!

Active rest

interesting sights to visit

Depending on the season, we offer our customers plenty forms of active rest like: cross-country skiing, mountain biking, horse-riding, nordic walking and much more ...

Where to stay?

accomodation in BeskidyIn our region you will find an extensive list of high-standard hotels which will surely offer beautiful window views.


Thanks to our great business contacts with owners of the resorts we are able to negotiate prices in chosen hotels.


Do not hesitate, see which hotels we strongly recommend...


How to reach us?

Direct flights!


2h from London

Oslo, Rome & Paris

1h from Berlin

check flights:

ryanair to beskidy wizz air to Poland Lufthansa to Breslaw

fly on mountain holidays

We are so close by car to well-known European cities such as:

  • Prague (2h 15min)
  • Wroclaw (1h 30min)
  • Dresden (2h)
  • Berlin (3h 30min)
best mountains holidays fly travel

What can we offer you?

If you want to feel unforgettable moments and visit undiscovered places, we will help you. Call and tell us something about yourself, what you like, how you spend your free time and when you want to come to see our region. Then we will:

  • plan your stay,
  • organize your flight and transfer from and to the airport,
  • book a hotel at a reasonable price,
  • be at your disposal for all time!